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Adjustment and testing after installing the belt conveyor —

The above article introduces the preparation work before the purchase of the tape machine, and the preparation of the site,
as well as the circuit and the environment, then this article will explain the relevant adjustment and test work after the installation
of the tape machine. :

1. Install the front frame, the middle frame and the rear frame on the reserved plane at the predetermined position, and
horizontally align with the foundation firmly, so that the center line of the frame is in a straight line in the longitudinal direction;
The rack is offset and swaying occurs to avoid accidents.
2. Install the configured ovens in sequence on each rack and secure them with bolts; keep the oven and rack level and stable.
3. Install the power distribution cabinet next to the front rack or at a convenient place. Connect the circuits according to the instructions.
Finally, connect the power supply (make sure to disconnect the power when wiring).
4. Install each internal configuration piece according to the set position, and adjust the level of each median, unwinding, winding, etc.,
and the axes are parallel to each other, perpendicular to the direction of tape movement. During the installation process, the smooth
surface of each media cannot be scratched, and the correct installation of each component is maintained.
5. Install the gears, pulleys and sprocket according to the test, and try to rotate properly to ensure the flexibility of rotation without
abnormality and blockage; and add the corresponding lubricating oil to the chain and reducer.
6. Check whether there are any omissions in the installation, ensure the installation of the heater, the heat sensor, and the drive train;
check whether the circuits are connected correctly, and the wires are not leaking; whether the whole body is offset incorrectly, and the
oven has a gap.
7. After the installation is correct, start the test machine one by one. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine immediately and
check the adjustment; after confirming the completion, start the production again (pay attention to personal safety and machine
safety during the operation).