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Automatic cutting operation precautions —

1. Before starting each machine, check whether the screws or other connections of the machine are loose.
Is the slippery, hydraulic fluid, and air pressure sufficient?
2. When adjusting the position of the limit bar of the machine, it must be ensured that the blade will not hit the PE pipe.
It should not be too large to ensure that the blade is not damaged.
3. Never turn on the power when the tailstock is open or the tailstock support is not stable (the air pressure at the tailstock should not be lower than 4KG before each power-on).
4. If there is an impact phenomenon when the knife seat enters or retracts, it indicates that the oil pressure buffer system is faulty. It cannot be debugged privately. It is necessary to notify the manufacturer to overhaul.
5. The maximum length of the material to be used is 1350mm, the maximum cutting diameter is 300mm (the maximum size of the round knife is 350mm), the cutting width is 1.5-1350mm, and the machine speed is 0-1000 rpm. This range cannot be exceeded for each use.
6. The body part should not reach the knife during each operation, so you must pay attention to your safety.

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