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Correctly buy the protective film coater —

Protective film coaters have found wide application in current industrial production. Then, in order to improve production efficiency, what should companies pay attention to when choosing a protective film coater? How to do the purchase of protective film coater? Now let’s listen to the expert analysis!

First: Do not pursue a one-sided protective film coater, and choose the model that is most suitable for production. No best, only at the best. When selecting a protective film coater, the company must ensure its quality. Its advantages and disadvantages are relative, and it must ensure good cutting results. For example, even imported blades may be improperly cut during application, and domestic blades can fully reach the level of imported blades. As for which type of blade the company chooses, it needs to be carefully accumulated and summarized in practice so that a protective film coater suitable for the production of the enterprise can be found.

Second: Correctly handle the relationship between the cost performance of the protective film coater. It is not necessarily the high price, but the high-speed slitting machine, for example, uses an imported blade, but it also needs to be equipped with imported blades while improving the efficient production mode for the enterprise. The requirements of the blade clamping system and the process are relatively high, and the initial investment is not large, and the investment in the later stage is relatively high. Moreover, in the process of high-speed slitting, the imported protective film coater is often at the edge of the limit, and its stability is good. Such a protective film coater often suffers from a decrease in the accuracy of the blade in the middle and late stages of use. Therefore, companies should not only pursue high efficiency and high price when purchasing protective film coaters, but also choose the most cost-effective protective film coater.

In addition, many companies have also chosen a small coating machine, which uses a numerical control panel design, can achieve three modes of storage, less error, long service life, and the stroke control is very accurate, the enterprise can Choose your own situation.

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