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Maintenance and maintenance of tape machinery —

The company’s tape machinery is currently divided into: Tape slitting machine, Tape coating machine, Tape rewinding mahcine, Tape making machine, Tape coating machine and some other tape supporting equipment, currently the main categories of maintenance and maintenance of various types of machines There are: the main components are inspected and filled with lubricating oil; when inspecting the disassembly and assembly of automatic machinery, it is strictly forbidden to use unsuitable tools and unscientific operation methods; once every two weeks, the machine is thoroughly cleaned and inspected; fully automatic If the machine is not used for a long time, all the bright surfaces must be wiped clean, coated with anti-rust oil, and covered with a plastic cover to cover the whole machine. If the automatic slitting machine is deactivated for more than 3 months, the moisture-proof paper should be covered with anti-rust oil;
After the work is completed, carefully clean the equipment, wipe the exposed friction surface, and add lubricant.

The daily maintenance and maintenance work of Guolian Machinery should do the following five things:

First, the electrical parts should be cleaned and inspected regularly to remove hidden dangers in time.
Second, for example, the use of slitting machines is done by slitting machines and cross-cutting machines, so high-quality slitting cutters and cross-cutting cutters are used.
Third, the daily maintenance of all machinery should be in place. The standard is that smooth, clean, clear (no dust, no debris) is in place to ensure that the sliding part of the equipment is in good condition.
Fourth, it is the maintenance work. Regularly adjust the rotating parts to stop regular and irregular inspections (especially the real-time monitoring of the wearing parts). Regularly change, change the commutator and make detailed records to reach the extension. The purpose of the equipment life.
Fifth, improve the technical quality and degree of the operating machinery personnel. It is necessary to be a special person to control the local operation. No one is allowed to operate without permission.

(If you do not understand or want to know the detailed maintenance and maintenance of a certain type of machinery, please contact our staff.)

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