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Mask Ear Cord Spot Welder

Product Description

By spot welding the ear rope and the mask sheet, the machine adheres the ear rope and the mask sheet to promote the completion of the finished mask.

Mask Ear Cord Spot Welder

1. Tight structure design, no vibration during operation, stable operation and low failure rate; 2. The machine works quickly and efficiently; 3. Simple operation, only one person required; 4. Selected materials, reliable and easy to use, stable performance, moisture, corrosion and impact; 5. Manufactured in accordance with ergonomics, the machine structure is reasonable, and the operation is convenient; 6. Years of industry experience, quality is assured and guaranteed;

Main Technical Parameters:

Voltage 220V
Power 5.5kw
Output 0-180 pieces / min
Size (L * W * H) 1650 * 1250mm * 750mm