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Rewinding Machine operating procedures – Unwinding paper core

(1.) post operator
1. First check the cutting distance of the measuring cutter, which is consistent with the specifications required by the process standard.
2. Before placing the paper core, first check whether the paper core used meets the requirements for use:
(A.) Is the size of the specification the same as the roll paper size?
(B.)Is the inner diameter and outer diameter of the paper core acceptable (the thickness is consistent).
(C.) Does the strength of the paper core meet the requirements?
(D.) Whether the port is layered or burred.
(E.) Can be put on the machine after passing the inspection and passing the test.
3. Signal the main operation: Start the ejector pin pump button and insert the paper core onto the ejector cone.
4. Shake the two thimble handles to the left to push the core.
5. Align the edge of the paper core port (the difference between left and right cannot exceed one millimeter).

(2) main operation
1. Review again whether the paper cores on the board meet the requirements.
2. Review whether the thimble is inserted into the lock (avoid the end of the paper roll is not aligned)
3. Check the sharpness of the upper and lower round knives, the depth of the occlusion and the angle to ensure the quality of the trimming.