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What is a high speed slitting machine —

The high speed slitter is a type of slitter. The high speed slitter is a highly efficient and highly accurate processing equipment. Its biggest advantage is that the processed paper has no paper wool, the paper stacking paper is neat, the specifications can be adjusted at any time, and flexible application.

Pay attention to the following details when using the slitter, you can pay attention to it from several aspects.

Check whether the number of joints in the product section is the same as the quantity you have connected. If the hot melt adhesive coating machine does not match, immediately check the reel to prevent the inner joint from being mixed into the product.

According to the characteristics of the semi-finished products, the EPC device is adjusted to ensure that the EPC photoelectric is always on the tracking line, and the end of the film is pulled at a low speed to make the film go into normal.

Stop pressing the stop button. When unloading, the hand is not allowed to touch the rewinding needle to prevent the fingers from being caught.

Slowly start up, observe whether the slitting film meets the quality requirements, and then slowly accelerate to start slitting. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the machine to avoid the back of the hand.

Open and close the raw material carrier to the appropriate width, and place the semi-finished film roll to be cut on the bracket. When loading, the hand must leave the film roll section, and the two people are not allowed to operate at the same time to prevent the hand from being cylinder. Clamped.

Return the optoelectronics to the center position and ensure that the slider of the unwinding table is held in the middle of the guide bar.

Put the paper tube that meets the specifications on the receiving shaft, and cut the product into the paper tube of the upper and lower receiving shafts that are pulled according to the normal method according to the normal method, and start up at a low speed to find the appropriate position of the paper tube on the receiving shaft. Make a mark for the next installation. When installing the paper tube, the hand must grasp the surface of the paper tube to be scratched by the shaft. All the slitted membranes are led to the take-up reel according to the operation requirements. When the hot melt melter passes through the membrane, no blades are allowed on the machine to be scratched by the defense.

Install the slitting tool holder to the appropriate position according to the task list, tighten the lower knife, and then start the machine at low speed to cut the semi-finished product into the required specifications.

Press to turn on the power of the machine, and set the tension of the rewinding and unwinding, the number of automatic stop of the counter, and the material thickness according to the requirements on the task list. Turn on the photoelectric.


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