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GL-1000B Bopp tape making machine

The adhesive tape machine is a multi-functional machine that integrates the functions of gluing, printing, slitting and rewinding. The raw materials it needs are film, glue and paper tube. It is suitable for the production of bopp tape, transparent tape,stationery tape, super clear tape and other adhesive products.

Product Description

GL-1000B Bopp tape making machine

1. Power:  2 motors with inverters speed control.

2. Printing : 1 color  engravure printing .

3. Coating : automatic blade transfer coating ,make different coating thickness on same machine .

4. Drying: water tank inside, heating  by electricity .

5. Energy saving temperature control:  Two segmented automatic temperature controls.

6. 2 shafts  up & down for rewinding small tapes , One air shaft for making jumbo roll.

7. EPC  for guiding right direction of film walking & flat rewinding edge of the tapes.

8. Separate electricity control cabinet .

Main Technical Parameters:

Item GL-1000B
Dimensions   7.60m*1.30m*2.40m
Power 3-phase,380v,50Hz,25kw
Printing 1 color   engravure printing
Max.coating   width 1000mm
Max.coating   speed 22m/min
Max.loading   diameter 600mm
Max.rewinding   diameter 180mm for   rewinding small tapes,600mm for rewinding jumbo roll
Drying heating water   by electricity

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