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GL-210 Bopp tape slitting machine

Bopp jumbo roll slitting rewinder machine is slitting and rewinding the bopp jumbo roll into tape in all sizes for carton packing use etc. It is suitable for the production of bopp tape, transparent tape,stationery tape, super clear tape and other adhesive products.

Product Description

GL-210 Bopp tape slitting machine

1.Each part of the machine is controlled, centralized control of left and right panels, easy to operate.

2. Three-stage length setting: advanced three-stage length counting. Ensure accurate winding length.

3. Automatic axis exchange: After the winding operation is completed, the two axes are automatically exchanged, which is easy to operate and has high efficiency.

4. Bow-shaped unrolling wheel: The unrolling wheel is a unique bow-shaped design. Eliminates wrinkling of the tape during unrolling or feeding

5. Pneumatic brake: When the machine is stopped, the tape can be stopped instantly, with accurate positioning and accurate labeling.

Main Technical Parameters:

Item GL-210-1600 GL-210-1300 GL-210-1000
Dimensions 2.6*1.3*1.5m 2.3*1.2*1.4m 2.05*1.2*1.4m
Max.slittingspeed 180m/min 180m/min 180m/min
1600mm 1300mm 1000mm
12mm 12mm 12mm
800mm 800mm 800mm
350mm 350mm 350mm
Power 380v,50Hz,4kw 380v,50Hz,4kw 380v,50Hz,3kw


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