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GL-213 High speed bopp tape slitting machine

Bopp tape slitting machine is slitting and rewinding the bopp jumbo roll into tape in all sizes for carton packing use etc. It is faster than GL-210 tape slitting machine. It is suitable for the production of bopp tape, transparent tape,stationery tape, super clear tape and other adhesive products.

Product Description

1. PLC control system with touch panel operation

2. Full-automatic four-shaft exchange is adopted and the efficiency is improved.

3.The unwinding tension is adopted with powder brake control.

4. The banana roller is used to eliminate tape wrinkles during extension and feeding.

5. Unwind double-press roller can reduce noise.

6. (Optional) Auto tabbing device, jumbo roll up-lifter, noise hood and air score knives for

     masking tape converting.

7.Spool trim winder is used for edge trimming collect and if tape gets broken during running, machine will auto stop.


GL-213 High speed bopp tape slitting machine


Main Technical Parameters:

Model GL213 -1300mm GL213 -1600mm
Effective width 1320mm 1620mm
Max. unwind diameter 800mm 800mm
Min. slitting width 10mm 10mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3″) exchange 4 shafts 180mm 180mm
Max. rewind diameter(shaft3″) exchange 2 shafts 300mm 300mm
Machine speed 0-180m/min 0-180m/min
slitting blade 0.2×22×60mm 0.2×22×60mm
Main power 4kw 4kw

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