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GL-50M pvc tape packing machine

Zhengzhou Yisite special import and export trade sales: adhesive tape machinery and packaging machinery. Main: Tape machine, glue coating machine, tape slitting machine. Tape rewinding machine, tape cutting table, tape packaging machine, since its establishment, combined with 20 years of professional sales and development experience. Consulting phone 137 8354 1090

Product Description:

GL-50M pvc tape packing machine

1. Micro-computer programmable control,user friendly operation panel.

2. Auto fault alarm,ensure saft and smooth working.

3. Mold can be customized, convenient for different size packing.

Main Technical Parameters:

     Power      380V, 50Hz, 3phase, 2.5kw
     Max. speed      56pcs/ min
     Packing film thickness      0.025 – 0.03mm
     Packing width      15 – 25mm
     L * W * H      2.7 * 1.0 * 1.5m
     Air      0.5mps
     Packing diameter      52 – 85mm
     Weight      60kg


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